What it means to work as a collective

Since March 2016 Brenda and I have been working as mentors in the INTRAC / NAMA Foundation initiative called Consultants for Change (C4C). C4C aims to develop the ability of a cohort of committed individuals to provide sustainable consultancy and support services … Continue reading


Organisational development: diagnostic or dialogic?

Organisational development practice is always evolving and in my view one of the most interesting recent developments in the field has been the evolution of dialogic OD (in contrast to the more conventional diagnostic approach). The main champions of the dialogic approach … Continue reading

30 things #5: Organisational learning demands a systems perspective

I find it useful to think of learning in civil society organisations in terms of concentric circles. At the centre is individual learning; outside which are team-level learning, programme-level learning, then organisational learning and finally inter-organisational learning, all happening within civil … Continue reading

30 things #4: We can learn a lot about learning from jazz musicians

Metaphors are powerful ways of exploring ideas from interesting and apparently unconnected directions. During the course on organisational development that I teach each year, I introduce the idea that organisations can learn from how jazz musicians work together to perform … Continue reading

Organisational Development Course

I’m really looking forward to facilitating INTRAC‘s annual five-day course on Organisational Development again in May of this year. I can hardly believe that this will be the fifteenth time I have facilitated this event! The course evolves every year … Continue reading

Looking back and looking forward – reflections at the start of a new year

At this time of year the media are full of reflections on 2015 and articles looking forward to the New Year. Not to be outdone, I asked my Framework colleagues to share two of their highlights from 2015 and one … Continue reading