Group facilitation methods training London 20-21st September

Orla is heading to the ‘Big Smoke’ to train one of my favourite courses: Group Facilitation Methods This ICA:UK’s core course, taken by more than 200 people each year.  You will learn the theory of the Technology of Participation methods and … Continue reading

Group Facilitation Methods training

There are still spaces available on ICA:UK’s Group Facilitation Methods training in Manchester on 17th -18th November, with Orla as the trainer. Booking link here

30 things #5: Organisational learning demands a systems perspective

I find it useful to think of learning in civil society organisations in terms of concentric circles. At the centre is individual learning; outside which are team-level learning, programme-level learning, then organisational learning and finally inter-organisational learning, all happening within civil … Continue reading

30 things #4: We can learn a lot about learning from jazz musicians

Metaphors are powerful ways of exploring ideas from interesting and apparently unconnected directions. During the course on organisational development that I teach each year, I introduce the idea that organisations can learn from how jazz musicians work together to perform … Continue reading