Our values

This is how we put our values into practice:

Floating stick activity exploring working in groups, Addis Ababa


 With clients we have…

  • written scripts for mini-animations to support learning and knowledge management
  • created customised tools and use mind-maps, rich pictures, and ‘living sculptures’ in our work
  • encouraged experiential learning by using a wide range of practical exercises, games and activities

With the wider community/world we…

  • share ideas in our blogs – from new books, articles, and talks that inspire us
  • use the web creatively to connect and discover

With each other we …

  • use drama, sculpture, and storytelling to help us reflect on and learn from our work
  • share our enthusiasms for jazz, paper engineering, embroidery, photography and dance!
  • try out new ideas for the sake of exploration: from new web tools to designing paper puzzles for learning.

folding paper model to remind us of what we do and don't know



With clients we…

  •  only take on work for which we feel qualified and competent.
  • are committed to transparency in our charges, expenses, time frames and work schedules.
  • always act in the best interests of our clients even if that means communicating uncomfortable messages.
  • keep values at the forefront of any work we do.

With the wider community / world we …

  •  include pro-bono days to contribute to important work when clients can’t afford our services.
  • serve on Boards, and as volunteers in organisations doing things we believe in.
  • carry out our work in a way that is consistent with our environmental concerns.

With each other we …

  •  hold ourselves to a high standard, push our boundaries by supporting each other and upholding our commitment to excellence
  • have a ‘learning agenda’ to help us grow and develop as an effective team
  • have a commitment to honesty with ourselves and each other, to ‘speak the difficult things’, if the need is there, by modelling good communication
  • constantly challenge ourselves on whether we are being true to our values


 With clients we …

  • systematically get feedback on how well we understood and met their needs.
  • make sure we understand our client’s core values, challenges, and goals
  • facilitate connections with individuals and otherorganisations we know through our work
  • work in partnership, ‘accompanying’ our clients

    On a retreat in the lake district

    Bill, Brenda, Bruce and Orla on a retreat in the Lake District

With the wider community / world we …

  •  build connections with a wide network of organisations and individuals to keep up to date with trends in the sector
  • monitor new publications, resources and initiatives that could be useful to our clients.
  • work  collaboratively  with consultants in other countries
  • participate in networks and on-line communities
  • develop links with like-minded organisations for exchange and collaboration

 With each other we …

  • work collaboratively whenever we can
  • focus on the quality of our practice through peer-supervision
  • are committed to showing real understanding of each others’ needs, goals and challenges.