Organisational Effectiveness

  • Organisational assessment. We worked with Bond on the development of an online organisational ‘health check’ tool  for use by their member organisations.
  • Organizational development. We worked with Amnesty International to help them support their network of members more effectively.
  • Organizational learning. We conducted an evaluation of SNV’s approach to organizational learning.
  • Innovation. We worked with Oxfam Novib on the development of their strategy for Knowledge and Innovation Management.
  • Complex change. We helped Water Aid in India to develop a transition strategy to become a sustainable and independent organisation
  • Governance. We facilitated a governance review of Young Lives (Cambridgeshire, England) following an organizational merger.
  • Conflict Management. We offered leadership and conflict management coaching to senior managers and department heads at several Universities and Community Trusts.

    Visioning using magazine cut-outs and comments

    Part of a visioning excercise