Bruce Britton

Bruce helps organisations take an innovative approach to their development and growth. He is internationally recognised for his pioneering work on organisational learning in NGOs and is committed to enabling organisations to recognise their collective expertise, develop their intelligence, increase their adaptability and become healthier and more enjoyable places in which to work. Bruce has worked on these issues with international and national civil society organisations in over 30 countries since he joined Framework in 1999.

Find out more about Bruce’s areas of expertise by visiting his page on LinkedIn or download Bruce’s CV. Bruce blogs on organisational learning in NGOs at Motive, Means and Opportunity.


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Bruce announces retirement from consultancy work

Saturday 17 November 2018

After twenty deeply satisfying years as a Framework member, I have decided to bring my career in consultancy to a close at the end of this year. Since making my decision I have been recalling the many people I have

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