About Framework

Framework is a collective of independent consultants. Our approach to consultancy is underpinned by a commitment to professionalism, client empowerment, social justice and equity. Framework’s vision is of an effective not-for-profit sector playing a vital role in leading positive social and environmental change across the world. We aim to help develop healthy organisations that contribute to a strong and vibrant civil society.

Our values of creativity, integrity and connection are at the heart of our work with clients, with each other and with the wider world. Creativity for us means creating value using innovative approaches. Integrity means being true to ourselves and maintaining high standards. Connection means finding, creating and sharing links and patterns between people, organisations and ideas.



Recent blogs

International Facilitation Week

19th October 2016, posted in Orla, People and Relationships, Working Collaboratively, by Orla Cronin

I have participated in International Facilitation Week virtually for several years by presenting at (and occasionally helping to organise) the Virtual Facilitation Unconference.  Though there isn’t a virtual conference in 2016, there are some really interesting virtual events scheduled globally – … Continue reading

Organisational development: diagnostic or dialogic?

25th August 2016, posted in Bruce, Uncategorized, by Bruce Britton

Organisational development practice is always evolving and in my view one of the most interesting recent developments in the field has been the evolution of dialogic OD (in contrast to the more conventional diagnostic approach). The main champions of the dialogic approach … Continue reading

Reflection and reviewing

27th July 2016, posted in How we work, Orla, by Orla Cronin

In Framework we place great emphasis on reviewing and learning from our work: this is particularly salient at the moment as each of us works with our Framework supervisor to amass feedback for our annual review.  Some of our resources … Continue reading

Counting the cost of Brexit

7th July 2016, posted in Uncategorized, by Bill Sterland

With our discussions in York of post-EU Referendum political events still fresh in the memory, I continue to be absorbed by the possible implications of Brexit for UK civil society organisations (CSOs), particularly those working in international peace and development. … Continue reading

Development Day in York

6th July 2016, posted in Bruce, by Bruce Britton
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We held one of our twice-a-year Development Days in York yesterday. We extended the format a little – arriving the previous evening and having an excellent meal at the El Piano vegan restaurant accompanied by a passionate discussion about recent … Continue reading