About Framework

Framework is a collective of independent consultants, formed in 1985 and now one of the longest established specialist consultancy organisations in the UK working exclusively with international and UK non-profit organisations. Our approach to consultancy is underpinned by a commitment to professionalism, client empowerment, social justice and equity. Framework’s vision is of a healthy and effective non-profit sector playing a vital role in leading positive social and environmental change across the world. We aim to help create healthier and more effective organisations that contribute to a strong and vibrant civil society.

Here’s a short video showing some of the assignments we’ve had since late 2012. It’s best viewed in full screen mode.

Our values of creativity, integrity and connection are at the heart of our work with clients, with each other and with the wider world. Creativity for us means creating value using innovative approaches. Integrity means being true to ourselves and maintaining high standards. Connection means finding, creating and sharing links and patterns between people, organisations and ideas.

Recent blogs

Orla Cronin joins Framework

27th March 2014, posted in Uncategorized, by Catherine Squire

We’re really pleased to welcome Orla Cronin as a new member of the Framework collective. Orla’s main work is around developing and implementing effective M&E systems for learning.  She brings three completely new areas of expertise to Framework: facilitation of … Continue reading

Getting started with webinars

21st March 2014, posted in Bruce, Working Collaboratively, by Bruce Britton
TI Webinar Screenshot

I recently had an ‘in at the deep end’ experience of facilitating webinars – three in less than a week. Two of the webinars were for Save the Children International – introducing a new course module on Partnership that I … Continue reading

Management development in Haiti and Burundi

16th December 2013, posted in People and Relationships, by Catherine Squire

It’s been a very rewarding month with trips to both Haiti and Burundi for the second of the Pathway workshops for Concern Worldwide, which I’m doing with INTRAC. Pathway is a management development programme which runs over 6 months and … Continue reading

A retreat in the Lake District and South Sudan

15th November 2013, posted in Catherine, How we work, by Catherine Squire

We always look forward to getting together for our retreats, but this time it felt strange that there would only be three of us, with Gopal possibly joining us from Juba for a session on skype.  It’s surprising how different … Continue reading

Learning from Evaluation

4th November 2013, posted in Bruce, Organisational effectiveness, by Bruce Britton

The final presentation in the organisational learning series originally commissioned by the Asian Development Bank is now available for download. Entitled Learning from Evaluation it focuses on how we can use evaluations for both accountability and learning purposes. The presentation … Continue reading