About Framework

Framework is a collective of independent consultants. Our approach to consultancy is underpinned by a commitment to professionalism, client empowerment, social justice and equity. Framework’s vision is of an effective not-for-profit sector playing a vital role in leading positive social and environmental change across the world. We aim to help develop healthy organisations that contribute to a strong and vibrant civil society.

Our values of creativity, integrity and connection are at the heart of our work with clients, with each other and with the wider world. Creativity for us means creating value using innovative approaches. Integrity means being true to ourselves and maintaining high standards. Connection means finding, creating and sharing links and patterns between people, organisations and ideas.



Recent blogs

Virtual facilitation training

24th July 2017, posted in Orla, People and Relationships, Training, Working Collaboratively, by Orla Cronin

Internationally, across the public, private and voluntary sector, we spend up to 17 hours a week in meetings. 32% of all meetings are virtual (38% for employees under 35 years old) 67% of employees report that more than half the … Continue reading

Are you interested in joining us?

10th July 2017, posted in Bruce, Uncategorized, by Bruce Britton

We are looking for new members to join us in Framework. If you share our values and can demonstrate this through your current work; if you have approximately 10 years of experience in your field, ideally with consultancy experience; and if your field … Continue reading

What it means to work as a collective

25th May 2017, posted in Bruce, Uncategorized, by Bruce Britton

Since March 2016 Brenda and I have been working as mentors in the INTRAC / NAMA Foundation initiative called Consultants for Change (C4C). C4C aims to develop the ability of a cohort of committed individuals to provide sustainable consultancy and support services … Continue reading

Intrac Online M&E Training

8th May 2017, posted in Orla, Training, by Orla Cronin

Orla is delighted to have become an INTRAC associate. She is lead trainer on the forthcoming online M&E course.  This marries her skills in monitoring and evaluation, and online facilitation, beautifully, and she’s really looking forward to the next course, … Continue reading

The Play Ethic

4th March 2017, posted in Uncategorized, by Catherine Squire
Sisters at play in Nigeria

What would it mean to have a play ethic? It’s not the opposite of a work ethic – you can have both at once. But you can’t be depressed and feel like playing, so researcher Stuart Brown says it’s the … Continue reading