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17th Feb 2022

We had an exciting week of it, delivering an in house version of our Designing and Facilitating Hybrid events course. Up to 45 minutes before we were due to merge our Roomies and Zoomies into one beautiful whole, the Roomies were detained outside their building by a security crisis. Our ‘backchannel’ worked beautifully, and our resourceful Room Liaison managed to have everyone marshalled inside in time to start.

Later in the week, a conference room tech configuration refused to work. In a matter of moments, we pivoted the Roomies to a different configuration, gave them camera and workspace access via Zoom, while they moved rooms and then used a single computer mic and speaker for speech.

Such wonderful examples to add to the wealth of case studies we’ve developed – the first of these illustrates the importance of well briefed and dedicated Liaison, and the second illustrates how important it is to be able to rapidly think through and reconfigure mic, speakers, cameras and workpaces.

We’ll share all these insights, and many more, on our next Designing and Delivering Hybrid Events public course – there are a few seats left and we start on 28th February! Booking here: ICA:UK.

We’ are: myself, Kim Roth Howe, Una McAlinden, Oscar Wouters Duran. 


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