How we Work

We use a range of approaches in our work.

Haiti group

Pathway management training in Haiti for French-speaking Concern staff, August 2013

  • Consultancy. We worked with Oxfam India to create an updated governance framework based on international standards and meeting in-country requirements.
  • Process facilitation.  We facilitated a strategic planning workshop for The Humanitarian Centre (Cambridge).
  • Resource development. We developed training modules for the AsianDevelopment Bank on Learning in Teams, Reflective Practice and Learning from Evaluation, including writing scripts for 30 animated cartoons.
  • Coaching. We provided ten staff from the Armenia Round Table and other NGOs in Armenia with long distance coaching support as part of our Consultancy Skills Development Programme.
  • Training. We facilitated a series of management training workshops in French for staff of Concern Worldwide in Haiti, Burundi, DRC and Niger.
  • Mediation. We mediated team disputes for Kent and Canterbury Primary Care Trust and Scunthorpe Housing Association.
  • Interim management and project management. We have provided interim management and project management to Fairtrade International
  • Developing and piloting tools. We developed a self assessment tool for Bond’s effectiveness programme and supported organisations in the assessment and implementation process.
  • Critical friend. We have acted as an informal sounding board for innovative thinking with individuals and organisations across our networks.