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21st Sep 2012

It has been a busy Summer and the Autumn looks set to be busier still. I’m currently working with Oxfam Novib on their framework for Knowledge and Innovation Management and with The Leprosy Mission International on their system for Annual Country Learning.

Next week I am off to Armenia to work with the Armenian Round Table on the design and early stages of a programme evaluation. I’ll be back in Scotland for a week then off to Oxford to facilitate a five day training on Organisational Development on behalf of INTRAC. I have been facilitating this course for over ten years but this time it is going to be run in parallel with INTRAC’s five day Partner Capacity Building course which will be facilitated by my Framework colleague, Brenda Lipson. The two sets of participants will come together for a number of joint sessions. Participants will then be able to choose between options in the other sessions depending on their specific interests. The following week I’m off to Istanbul to facilitate a workshop for YMCA Europe on how to assess individual change brought about in peace and reconciliation work. The work follows on from an evaluation I conducted a couple of years ago on YMCA’s ‘Roots for Reconciliation’ programme during which we trained a team of young programme participants in participatory evaluation methods so they could contribute to the data gathering and analysis.

I’ll be back in Scotland for a couple of weeks in October before going to Nepal for five weeks to work with WWF on developing a knowledge management framework. More on that later!


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