Consultancy Skills Development in Armenia

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5th Dec 2011

Framework will be facilitating a Consultancy Skills Development Programme for participants in Armenia from November 2011 to February 2012. The programme involves nine participants – six from Armenia Round Table (ART) and three from other NGOs – and comprises a preparation phase (involving a self-assessment and background reading), a four day workshop and a mentoring phase. Brenda, Gopal and I will each provide individual mentoring for three participants using Skype. One mentoring session will be arranged before the workshop and four will be held after the workshop. We are very excited about having the opportunity to run this for ART. I have been working with ART over the past 18 months and we have a long track record in Framework of using Skype for long-distance mentoring. We also use Skype for our regular monthly peer supervision sessions so this is an extension of our regular practices. We are also using LinkedIn to share background information between participants and with mentors. Stay tuned for more posts about how the Programme progresses.


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